General Background

The transport sector development is aligned to Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy for the country EDPRS, and is the one of the main thrusts of t    he national vision 2020. It’s also aligned to the National Investment Strategy as well as other development reference points such as the Millennium development Goals (MDG). 


The main objectives of the transport sector include:


§  To reduce and control transport costs

§  Increase mobility of the population in order to improve access to essential services, education, and employment

§  Facilitate access to cost effective transport services

§  Assure the quality and durability of the rural, urban and international transport infrastructure to ensure speedy exchange of goods and services

§ Improve safety for goods and passengers in every mode of transport


In Rwanda, transport is operated in three modes, namely (1) land Transport, (2) Air transport, and (3) maritime transport. The land transport which is currently practiced through roads is the main used one in the country. Air transport industry is also growing fast, and the government is aimed at making Kigali, and aviation hub. The country is also expected to have a railway in few years to cometo reduce transport costs in the region by improving railway transport infrastructure, to facilitate exports and imports.